Digital Creative Director – UX/UI, Website Design, Branding, Design System, Product Design, Design Ops, Design Strategy, Research, Creative Mentor, Occasional Spotify office DJ

I often get asked why I work at the New York Post and every time I answer, “because I have the best team!”

Since starting at the Post in 2014, I’ve built and led the digital design team through three nypost.com redesigns, over 300 cross-platform product launches, feature requests, and marketing campaigns, and attended more happy hours than I should admit to.


Building an impactful digital design team

As the Digital Creative Director for the New York Post, I’ve built the digital design team and am responsible for the complete design, creative strategy, and user experience of the New York Post online portfolio. Since the beginning of my tenure in 2014, the New York Post digital properties have seen an overall increase of 506.3%, starting at 20 million unique visitors to 121.3 million visitors per month according to ComScore and averaging over 40% engagement increase per year resulting in increased revenue for the full New York Post portfolio.

Along with overseeing the digital design team, I lead the design strategy and quality execution for cross-functional support across executive leaders in multiple departments such as editorial, product, audience development, and marketing. My data-driven and user-focused approach has been strategic in redesigns, product launches, and multi-channel promotional campaigns helping lead the New York Post to grow to the largest digital audience of any property across NewsCorp globally.



Unique Visitors



Engagement increase per year since 2014



Increase in uniques since 2014


"I have the best team!"

Influential Projects

Influential Projects

Influential Projects

Influential Projects

Influential Projects



Redesigning a 221 year old iconic brand


Redesigning nypost.com

SKILLS – UX/UI, Website Design, Branding, Design System, Product Design, Design Ops, Design Strategy, Research, SEO

The New York Post is a historic institution with ALOT of personality. I led the design team to take an iconic legacy news and entertainment company to an engaging and impactful digital powerhouse that bring  millions of people to the news they want, when they want it.


Launching a new premium sports experience for die-hard fans


Post Sports+

SKILLS –  UX/UI, Website Design, Branding, Design System, Product Design, Information Architecture, User Flows, Design Ops, Design Strategy, Research, SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, Acquisition, Payments, Loyalty Program, SMS

Post Sports+ is a new subscription sports entertainment offering with referral and loyalty programs for sports fans. I was tasked to spearhead the digital design team to do the complete design strategy and execution from its inception to launch. My favorite part of this whole experience was being able to really showcase my design team's talents as well as working with new vendors and partners to bring new technologies into the New York Post such as the integration of Saasquatch's rewards and referral technology and Subtext's texting platform to really give Post Sports+ members a true premium experience.


Debuting a suite of audio experiences


New York Post Podcasts

SKILLS –  UX/UI, Website Design, Branding, Design System, Product Design, Design Ops, Design Strategy, Research, SEO, Marketing, Copywriting

I was charged to brand and promote a cohesive series of podcasts that echo the Post’s longtime credo: news doesn’t need to be boring. The suite includes the New York Post Sports Podcasts and We Hear from Page Six for popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Amazon Music.


Delivering all the news to your inbox


As a push to deliver breaking, digest, and personalized news and entertainment to the New York Post audience, I lead the creative strategy and user experience for the complete collection of email newsletters for the New York Post.

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